10 Personal Gifts for dad this Christmas

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What do you get the man that has everything? (e.g you)


Thinking of gift wrapping that lynx set that's lying around your house for your dad this Christmas? Yeah, same.

What is it that makes dad’s so hard to buy for once Christmas comes around? We all know they say they don’t need much, and yet each year we buy them the same old socks, ties and aftershaves and that simply won't cut it any longer for the man who's back is breaking from carrying all the looks, talent and humour for the rest of the family (well so he thinks). 

2020 has been bad enough, so let's change our ways and decide on the great things we can get our dads this Christmas, that won't break the bank and shows we put a bit of thought into it for once.

Que the inspiration...

1.Gym Bag

Got a gym obsessed dad? Or maybe you have a dad like mine who says he needs to go but needs that little push. Why not gift him his own personalised Gym Bag this Christmas? This way he can show it off to all his gym buddies and you can (hope) he'll never lose it, considering his names on it.

Personalised Gym Bag


2. Weekend Bag

Every dad loves a weekend away, whether that’s a golfing trip, family trip or men’s trip, even that spa weekend (although they don’t like to admit it) Either way, what’s essential to a weekend away? A weekend Bag of course, personalized to his liking and stylish enough to hold all his belongings.

Weekend Bag


3. Yoga Matt

Bring out your dad’s inner yogi with his very own personalised yoga mat this Christmas. Yoga is the newest fitness trend, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, get your old man in with the times and help him craft them muscles and build his overall athletic development. Maybe after a bit of practice, he'll finally stop complaining about his aches and pains. Win-win really.

personalised yoga mat



4. Scarf

Sure, your dad’s no David Beckham but let him think he is this Christmas by gifting him that stylish, cosy scarf to pair with every outfit this festive season. Even opt for a bit of personalisation with his name or initials. Come to think of it, David Beckham has his initials on everything…

Personalised scarf



5. Laptop Bag

Got a dad who’s been WFH the past couple of months? It may not seem like much because he’s not in the office as much he was before. However, who doesn’t love a new accessory? Therefore, why not gift him a new fancy personalised laptop bag this Christmas that he can present to all his work mates when all this is over.

Personalised Laptop Bag



6. Toiletry Bag 

Are you or your mum always complaining about your dad's toiletries everywhere? We feel ya. But fear not, we're here to save the day. Gift your dad his very own personalised toiletry bag this Christmas, perfect at home or for a trip away.

Personalised toiletry bag



7. Wallet 

What’s every man’s trusty essential? A wallet of course! But we’re not here to tell you to gift him any old wallet but instead a new stylish, personalised one. Perfect for any occasion.

Personalised Wallet



8. Card Holder 

The next best thing from a wallet, a cardholder! Not as big, not as thick and perfect for your dads’ back pocket (because we all know how they hate carrying things) and can be personalised to his liking!

personalised card holder



9. Sharing Platter 

Is your dad really your dad if he doesn’t believe he’s the Gordon Ramsey of the family? Let him show off his cooking this Christmas by gifting him his own personalised sharing platter. Perfect for him to gloat at every friend or family get-together.

Personalised Sharing Platter



10. Personalised Swim Shorts

For the dad who’s always up for a laugh, gift him his own personalised swim shorts this Christmas to wear on his next holiday. Opt for his name or that funny phrase he regularly comes off with for the craic!

Personalised Swim Shorts







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